The difference between the United Kingdom, Britain and England.

I didn’t even know there was something to know about this, but then I came across this informative video on YouTube.

I basically learned that the United Kingdom is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland. Many people think England is the same as the UK because it’s the biggest and most prominent country within. Kick North Ireland out of that group and you’ve got Great Britain.

Dotting the main isles are the tiny islands that are the Crown Dependenciesthe Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey.

Add the UK to the Crown Dependencies as well as the Republic of Ireland (below North Ireland) and you’ve got the British Isles.

Now internationally – you have two other components of the Crown, which are the British Overseas Territories and the Commonwealth Realm. These two components are vast, because the Crown once reached out and dominated around a quarter of the world! As a result, I can’t be bothered listing everyone internationally. CGPGrey (the author) made a very convenient Venn Diagram illustrating everything =)

Hope you learned something new!



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